About Us

At House of Juice Cape Town, we deliver fresh juice fast! 25 Years ago a small company started in Cape Town and today, House of Juice is simply better than ever. With the help of new technology, our delivery and service is top notch and super fast. 

Our high quality fresh juices are naturally preserved and delivered to your business as fresh and fast as possible, ensuring you have the best quality fruit and vegetable juices to serve to your clients. Some Cold Pressed Vegetable juices and pure frozen juices are available from us too. Our Supplier supplies fresh juices, made in the Western Cape daily, from fruit and vegetables of the Western Cape, exclusively to House of Juice under the House of Fruit Label. We support our local farmers and community and our supplier adheres strictly to the food stuffs act. 

Halal, Kosher, HCCP, ISO and BEE Level 4 certificates are available for viewing. 

We make breakfast delivery our priority and have added fresh milk, cream, yogurt and muesli to our offering. We also have more products like frozen berries, fruit pulps, real Gelato and bottled water available  now too. Don’t forget we have a factory shop available for individuals who like to do their own catering. Learn More about us by clicking here: House of Juice Cape Town

Owner-Operators Chris & Leonie Vorster are happy to assist with your requirements and our early morning business hours and fantastic team ensures that your order is delivered on time, perfectly fresh, first thing in the morning.